Don’t Give Up

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Some days are supposed to be perfect,
But they don’t turn out the way you thought they would…
Expectations aren’t met,
And everything that couldn’t possibly go wrong,
Go Wrong…

But what I want to tell you is;
Don’t give up,
Don’t stop working,
Don’t stop trying,
Don’t stop at all…

I know you’re giving it a 120%
But sometimes the results just don’t show,
Especially, when you want them to.

It takes time,
Good things always do…
All you need to do is focus,
And work hard-smart.

You go through shit,
Things you never knew could happen to you,
Come and push you further down…
Face it,
Beat it,
Fight it,
Even if there’s no end in sight.

No matter how much you’re hurting right now,
No matter how much worse it gets from here on out,
Don’t give up.

This is your dream,
There is no way out.
Stick to it,
Cry tears of pain and blood,
Burn and scream,
Feel the pain cut through you…

It may not seem like it now,
But you’re a step closer to the person,
You’re supposed to be…

Just don’t ever- Give up.



“…When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.” ― John Green

Once you accept everything in your control and all that isn’t, life suddenly seems like a ‘breeze’ to live.
It feels as though a weight is lifted off your shoulders. It’s easier to breathe, to love and to smile.

There was a question, always on my mind; “What if?”

What if I studied a bit more?
What if I feared a bit less?
What if I did something more useful?

What if? What if? What if?

I got tired of asking these questions to myself; day in & day out.
I got tired that my brain and my heart had to go through this whole round of hate, self- pity & regret to answer those questions.

I detested the fact that I put myself through all of this self-doubt & negativity. It was absolutely awful.
Imagine thinking about all of these negative situations, all throughout the day, when that’s what they’ll always be; negative situations. They may not even play out in real life!
What I did know,however, was that it was eating me alive; turning me into someone I couldn’t even recognize.

So now I accept. I accept myself as I am and the reasons that have led me to be where I am today. I accept that not everything is under my control & sometimes, I have to let go.

Like Mr. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says “For, after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”

I have slowly started to see life what it truly is; A Flawed Beauty; A wonder of its own, unique to it’s Maker.

Not-so-cute Letter from a Married girl to her mother…

“You can have a pet zebra and put that zebra into a small cage every day and tell the zebra that you love it, but no matter how you and the zebra love each other, the fact remains, that the zebra should be let out of that cage and should belong to someone who can treat it better, the way it should be treated, someone who can make it happy.” C. JoyBell C.

Dear Ma,

I just read this message sent by some wife of my husband’s friend on Whatsapp & I couldn’t help it, but I threw my phone on the tiled floor below. I chose these tiles, you know, because according to him, that’s a woman’s job and now he hates them.

Cute Letter from a newly married girl to her mother

Dear mom,

Like every normal girl, I was excited about marriage right from my childhood days. I never thought beyond the time that I would spend happily with my prince charming. 

 But today when I am married, I realize that marriage is not all roses. It’s not just about being with your beloved and having a gala time. There is so much more to it. It comes with its own share of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices and compromises. 

I can’t wake up anytime I want to.
I am expected to be up and ready before everyone else in the family.
I can’t laze around in my pyjamas throughout the day.
I am expected to be presentable every time.
I can’t just go out anytime I want to.
I am expected to be sensitive to the needs of the family.
I just can’t hit the bed anytime I want to.
I am expected to be active and around the family.
I can’t expect to be treated like a princess but am supposed to take care of everyone else in the family. 

 And then I think to myself, ‘why did I get married at all?’ I was happier with you, mom. Sometimes I think of coming back to you and getting pampered again. 

I want to come home to my favorite food cooked by you every evening after a nice outing with friends. I want to sleep on your lap like I have no worry in this world. But then I suddenly realize, had you not got married and made such sacrifices in your life, I wouldn’t have had so many wonderful memories to hang on to. And suddenly, the purpose of all this becomes clear- to return the same comfort, peace and happiness to my new family that I got from you.

And I am sure that as time would pass, I would start loving this life equally as you do. Thank you mom for all the sacrifices and compromises you made. They give me the strength to do the same. Love you.

It’s an excellent article for all daughters…

Ma, you told me all of these things too. You always used to tell me that if I don’t learn now, I would suffer later.

Why ma, why didn’t you ever show me what’s it like to love & be loved? Why have you always told me to be a good girl rather than living a life where I could take my own decisions & make my own mistakes? Why did you show me a world where life has nothing but endless chores after endless chores & slaving for a man who doesn’t respect me for who I am but just buys me a nice saree when we have to go to a party?

Why did you tell me that the only way to man’s heart is his stomach? Why didn’t you tell me they don’t love you even if you make the most amazing meal & they still crave for their mom’s Biryani?

Why didn’t you tell me that marriage is a contract where I’m a maid & he’s the king? I sleep with him when he orders me to, but I feel like a whore. I don’t know what it’s like to be loved, to feel those butterflies in my stomach & tingles on my skin.

And then he jokes with his colleagues & friends that I watch daily soaps all day, when he doesn’t realize that sub-consciously I’m trying to live through the protagonist on screen. I see how special her husband makes her feel & the way he stands up for her & I live my dream in those twenty minutes.

I crave for long drives & sweet nothings, dressing up, small vacations & a break from these endless chores, being treated like a princess at least on my Birthday, a cup of tea that was not made by me but most of all I crave to go back to work & proving to myself that I still mean something, that I’m worth something.

Right now, no matter what I do, I’m just not good enough.

Why ma, why didn’t you show me there is a world beyond this where women find that special someone who loves them & treat them like a partner? Did our caste status matter more than my happiness? Why didn’t you show me there is a world where women & men can be best friends? Why didn’t you show me the other side where I could be independent & demand the same rights when I got married?

I’m 28 & pregnant now with a child who doesn’t know what the world has in store for him/her. But I promise one thing, I will show them the other side, the side where they can live vicariously & not submit to anyone.

I can see a world where humans are treated as equals regardless of what they wear or look like & no one is restricted from following the path they were supposed to.

Your Only Daughter(ex-burden).

You haven’t met yet, but…

…This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.” ― Jodi Picoult

You two haven’t met yet. She doesn’t know how long it would be before she finally gets to meets you. She wants to tell you that you would be the one she would love the most. She doesn’t know if she will be the one to actually give birth to you or if she would have the privilege of choosing you to be the biggest & the best part of her life yet to come.

She is one of the most cynical people you would meet. But my dear, when it comes to you, she is a hopeless romantic, a dreamer& an optimist.

She already loves you with love that is like as fierce & beautiful as the ocean, it is patient like a well with an endless pit, and never-ending like the wind that never dies. She will dream with you, & she would do everything in her power to see them come true. She is waiting to travel the world with you & show you everything there is; the diverse cultures, the various people & the different food.

She wants to celebrate each of your birthdays & bake cakes with you. She wants to dance with you & hold you in her arms till you fall asleep in them.

She loves to listen to all kinds of stories of different people but the ones she is waiting to listen to the most are yours. She wants to write all of them down & publish it that would be for your eyes only. She wants you to remember all the dreams you had when you were a child & to never forget them & to always nurture your inner child.

She wants you to know that she would always be there. When you leave her & face the world, she would always be there. When you get crushed & burned or when you rise from the flames, she would always be there. She’ll be there when you start to run & you’ll see her waiting at the finish line.

She read this somewhere (by Bob Parker), and this is what she wishes for you too. She wishes you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. She wishes you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. She wishes you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. She wishes you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. She wishes you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. She wishes you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. She wishes you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

She wishes you enough & hopes that she gets to meet you soon.

– The One who can read her mind, knows her dreams & has listened to her talk in her sleep…

You need to know…

“Fresh starts. Thanks to the calendar, they happen every year. Just set your watch to January. Our reward for surviving the holiday season, is a new year. Bringing on the great tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Put your past behind you, and start over. It’s hard to resist the chance at a new beginning. A chance to put the problems of last year to bed.

Who gets to determine when the old ends, and the new begins? It’s not a day on a calendar, not a birthday, not a new year. It’s an event. Big or small. Something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope.

A new way of living and looking at the world. Letting go of old habits, old memories. What’s important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning.

But it’s also important to remember that amid all the crap are a few things really worth holding on to.” – Grey’s Anatomy

You need to know that for every fight you fight, there will be one kiss to give. For every terrible day there is a wonderful day you would never forget. For every heart break, there is going to be someone to love to the fullest. For every rejection, there is acceptance. For every cruel person in the world, there is someone slowly changing the world around them. For every horrible song there is one that makes you cry (in a good way 😉 ). For every bad deed there is a good one. For every starving kid, there is one being fed.

You may visit the safest place on earth & you may get robbed & at the same time, you may have the best time of your life when you visit some place that has the worst reviews. You may have an idea, love a book or a song that is ridiculed by the majority but that is what makes you the pink sheep in a flock of white ones. Your uniqueness, however weird it may seem on the outside is what you need to be proud of from the inside.

It is that difference that gives you your inner glow; it changes the color of your aura & you attract the people that want you to become the best person you can possibly be. These people are your best friends & soul-mates.

When you accept this difference, you begin a relationship with yourself that changes everything. You love & help with no expectations; everything you do would not just benefit you but also everyone around you. You love without attachment, without the fear of losing them, without the need for constant assurance.

The world remains the same; but you look at it differently. Every situation is the same but the outcome varies depending on how you react to it.

The world works on the concept of Yin-Yang. There is something good in everything bad & something bad in everything good. They cannot exist without one another.

So when you face that moment when you feel that nothing in the world could go worse than what’s happening to you, remember there is something good even in that moment or just believe that there would be something good coming.

The good being that you’re experiencing something that may change something; maybe you change, maybe your life changes, maybe you understand yourself better, you may learn something, maybe you begin to do something that you always wanted to, maybe you learn something, or maybe you meet someone who would be a major part of your life to come.

There is always something good that happens.

Always remember that no matter what happens, Life Always Goes On & that no matter what you are experiencing right now, won’t last (even though it maybe forever etched in your memories).

Eat Pizza once in a while, dance as though no one’s watching, sing aloud in your car & always remember to choose Love over Fear.

Note: My wish for you this year is that you get to experience something you haven’t before & that this year is your best one yet!

Wish you all a Happy 2015! 🙂