To the One who never left

“Everytime people ask me if I’m okay, it’s just a reminder that I’m not” – Read somewhere

It was easy,

Slipping to the Dark Side…

It gave her comfort & warmth

Things she no longer felt

Around the people

Who said they loved her

They asked her,

Why was she was so quiet & sad

She had no answer to give

They would suggest Yoga & Breathing exercises

Nothing worked she told them…

So they just left her lying in the dark

It was easier,

Than to deal with her…

She stayed there till she met someone

Who just didn’t want to leave

When she went to the dark,

He followed

When she was cold,

He wrapped his arms around her

When she wanted to hide under the blanket

He hid with her

She couldn’t believe

There was someone

In this big & cruel world

Who loved her more than

She could ever love herself

She never strayed to the dark side again

She didn’t want him

To feel the Pain she did

She wanted to protect him

And Love him

She smiled for the first time that night…


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