A Birthday Wish – Part 2

30 [T1 – H4 – I1 – R1 – T1 – Y4] is only 12 in Scrabble (Google Images)

You’re 30,

Don’t forget it’s the new 20 now!

You may have lesser hair than you did when you were 20

But it was because more space was needed

To store all those experiences

That you will share with me someday 🙂

With each passing day,

I hope you add more chapters to your book

It shouldn’t matter how interesting or sad they are

Just keep adding them anyway

Don’t forget your dreams,

Your age shouldn’t matter

After all, it’s just another number

Follow them & pursue them

Don’t hesitate to call me when you need help

I’ll always be there just an arm’s reach away…

Anyway, Let’s have cake & French fries now,

Because it’s your Birthday!

(And I’m hungry)

My wish for you this Birthday is

That you never ever

Stop believing in yourself…

Can’t wait to spend the rest of your 30’s, 40’s and more with you…


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