“We think of infinity as a really big number, but it’s not. It’s endlessness. Endlessness is a really strange idea in a universe that is defined by its endings.” ― John Green

It was a dark night with a few stars scattered all about the beautiful night sky. We were walking besides the ocean listening to the sounds of it kissing the shoreline leaving behind a bit of itself every single time. You hold me a little closer.

You see the ocean never-ending in the dark & you don’t know what’s beyond that fuzzy line. There is no end & no beginning; it’s an infinity filled with mystery & darkness.

That scares you.

But I’m here to tell you it’s in that darkness you can witness the beauty of infinity. It’s mystery, the anticipation of what’s to come, the unrelenting craving to know if everything is going to be alright, the plans & dreams, that’s what infinity is.

We have our little infinity too. There is so much we don’t know like would we have a forever together? Would we end up hating each other? Would we find a way to love even when we want to run away?

I want you to know there is nothing to worry about because everything is an infinite loop. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen anyway, every single day is a new beginning in it & there is no end because every ending is a new beginning.

Let’s try & live each day as though it’s our first together & spend this infinity in each other’s arms.

Don’t fear infinity you think you can see, my love, just hold my hand & look to your right, you will find me next to you in whichever infinity we end up in…


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