Three Days…

“A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning its life with an early ending.” ― R.J. Gonzales

Did you know you were perfect? You had the perfect little fingers & toes & your daddy’s beautiful brown eyes, soft black hair & the family nose.

You were absolutely perfect except for the one glitch, you had to leave us soon…

Three days since we met

Three days since they told us, you have an hour to live

Three days since they told us, your heart can’t help you live & no one else’s can

Three days to kiss you three hundred thousand days of kisses

Three days to cut hundred years of birthday cakes

Three days to click crazy selfies (mostly with you asleep)

Three days for your grandparents & great-grandparents to spoil you

Three days watching you speak to someone in your sleep

Three days feeling you hold our fingers tight

Three days to take in your own unique baby scent

Three days to show you our (your) world

Three days to feed you

Three days to dance with you in my arms

Three days to blow bubbles with daddy

Three days to sleep feeling your soft body next to ours

Three days that felt like three minutes with you

Three days to decide to call you Vansh

Three days to make enough memories to last a lifetime

Three days to call you ours & let you go

Three days to love you until we meet again

Three days to say Good-bye


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