I’m Fine…

“We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us they will react and behave in certain ways – the ways we react and behave when we love someone.” ~ John Gray

“I’m happy dad.”

“You’ve taught me right mom.”

“Yes, dad I have not given them any reason to diminish our family’s reputation in anyway.”

“Mom, you were right when you said I can’t wake up anytime I want & I’m the one who has to take care of the home.”

“No dad, he wants me home by tonight. He doesn’t like when I stay here.”

“Yes Mom, I give him everything he wishes for. He says I take of all my duties properly. Tee-hee”

“No dad, he wants some help with buying a house… It’s for your daughter & her family’s good only!”

“Yes mom, he says you should be gifting me more gold so that he can save for our future kids”

“Dad, you should’ve taken care of your retirement funds before, we can’t help you right now”

“Mom, can you please come over & take care of your grandchild. Mummy has a ‘kitty-party’ today.”

“Yes dad, mummy has given us permission to visit you”

“No mom, he has said he has an unscheduled meeting today, so he won’t be joining me. You can just pack the extra food”

….A few years later…

“Hey! It’s been so long… Everything here… yeah… I don’t know… Everything is fine, I have done everything right, don’t speak to any friend apart from you, worn the right clothes, spoken the right words, cooked the right dishes, listened to everyone, I’m the perfect Daughter In Law (according to my ‘mummy’), cut contacts with all my guy friends, left my job, my husband thinks I’m a good wife who follows all her wifely duties perfectly, followed every ritual & prayed, basically everything my parents have asked me to do since I turned 16 but somehow I feel stuffy.I feel like I’m living a hundred different versions of myself except the one that is truly me. I have forgotten who she is now but anyway to honestly answer your question, “How am I?” – Well… I’m fine; just perfectly fine…”


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