Bad Timing?

“Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.”
Lisa Kleypas

It was all wrong. The timing, the place, my state of mind, the situation; yet there you were. You were grinning as though you standing right in front of me were just meant to be. I wasn’t ready; I didn’t think I would ever be.

I was still healing from past wounds so big, that they nearly killed me. The scars they left behind would never fade as they ran too deep. I may have gotten out them alive, but just barely.

Yet there you were. You came, flipped my life & continued to stay.

You rested your head on my lap but I couldn’t get myself to run my hands through your hair even though I wanted to. When we danced your hands were on my waist & we were so close yet so far. I couldn’t bring myself to look into your eyes fearing your gaze that could look right through me.

You wanted to get to know me but I pushed you so far so fast that only made you come closer to me like a spring left when pulled really hard. You had eyes only on me but mine wandered far & wide looking everywhere but at you. You wanted to know what went on inside my head while I wanted to know what we would have for dinner.

You brought out the worst & the best in me but you remained the same.

You loved & still love as though there is an endless supply of it in your heart deeper than the deepest well. You’re beautiful & amazing, kind & patient.

You know me & still call me a mystery novel whose pages you badly wish to read. You want to know my story & want to write the rest of it using your words too.

We held hands & you never let go, even though I pulled & pushed, you told me you’d never let me go, never let me fall. You’re as bright as the sun but you consider me to be your shining star.

Why you came I would never know but you should know that you taught me so much about me that even I didn’t know existed. You brought out colors from inside me that started to paint my life with joy & love.

You’re the reason I now believe, there is no such thing as the worst possible time or bad timing because everything happens for a reason…


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