You need to know…

“Fresh starts. Thanks to the calendar, they happen every year. Just set your watch to January. Our reward for surviving the holiday season, is a new year. Bringing on the great tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Put your past behind you, and start over. It’s hard to resist the chance at a new beginning. A chance to put the problems of last year to bed.

Who gets to determine when the old ends, and the new begins? It’s not a day on a calendar, not a birthday, not a new year. It’s an event. Big or small. Something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope.

A new way of living and looking at the world. Letting go of old habits, old memories. What’s important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning.

But it’s also important to remember that amid all the crap are a few things really worth holding on to.” – Grey’s Anatomy

You need to know that for every fight you fight, there will be one kiss to give. For every terrible day there is a wonderful day you would never forget. For every heart break, there is going to be someone to love to the fullest. For every rejection, there is acceptance. For every cruel person in the world, there is someone slowly changing the world around them. For every horrible song there is one that makes you cry (in a good way 😉 ). For every bad deed there is a good one. For every starving kid, there is one being fed.

You may visit the safest place on earth & you may get robbed & at the same time, you may have the best time of your life when you visit some place that has the worst reviews. You may have an idea, love a book or a song that is ridiculed by the majority but that is what makes you the pink sheep in a flock of white ones. Your uniqueness, however weird it may seem on the outside is what you need to be proud of from the inside.

It is that difference that gives you your inner glow; it changes the color of your aura & you attract the people that want you to become the best person you can possibly be. These people are your best friends & soul-mates.

When you accept this difference, you begin a relationship with yourself that changes everything. You love & help with no expectations; everything you do would not just benefit you but also everyone around you. You love without attachment, without the fear of losing them, without the need for constant assurance.

The world remains the same; but you look at it differently. Every situation is the same but the outcome varies depending on how you react to it.

The world works on the concept of Yin-Yang. There is something good in everything bad & something bad in everything good. They cannot exist without one another.

So when you face that moment when you feel that nothing in the world could go worse than what’s happening to you, remember there is something good even in that moment or just believe that there would be something good coming.

The good being that you’re experiencing something that may change something; maybe you change, maybe your life changes, maybe you understand yourself better, you may learn something, maybe you begin to do something that you always wanted to, maybe you learn something, or maybe you meet someone who would be a major part of your life to come.

There is always something good that happens.

Always remember that no matter what happens, Life Always Goes On & that no matter what you are experiencing right now, won’t last (even though it maybe forever etched in your memories).

Eat Pizza once in a while, dance as though no one’s watching, sing aloud in your car & always remember to choose Love over Fear.

Note: My wish for you this year is that you get to experience something you haven’t before & that this year is your best one yet!

Wish you all a Happy 2015! 🙂



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