The Blank Canvas

“Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and every day is like another brush stroke.” – Unknown

You came into life like so many others before you. They painted my life, that resembles a blank canvas, with colors pertaining to their auras. Many times, colors were over-lapped, sometimes holes were left behind by those who left, and some are still painting using every color under the sun.

Before I met you, I was ashamed by what my canvas represented. I always assumed it was an ugly picture, something that would be scorned & jeered at. I was afraid of what people would say when they saw the holes & the colors outside the lines.

Instead I showed a picture, perfect in the eyes of others. There were many who were jealous, many who secretly wished to display a picture like mine, many who fell in love the picture that wasn’t mine at all.

Then I met you. You could see what that painting really was. You were the one who could spot the real painting behind this perfect picture. It started with you observing the small holes & then the bigger ones. You said you loved the other painting so much more because it was what made me, me.

Maybe I just needed to hear what I already knew deep down, that the real painting was perfect with its own imperfections. I tore away the perfect image & replaced it with my own. I displayed it with pride; holes & all.

The response I received was something that I never expected. The painting attracted people who were really drawn to its colors & many appreciated the way some colored outside the lines. Many fell in love with the holes as they reminded them of their own.

It didn’t matter that so many before, who loved the fake perfect picture, scorned this one because they too displayed a picture that was perfect only on the outside or maybe they couldn’t relate to the real one.

I feel like a huge burden is lifted off my shoulders & I’m more at peace now. I don’t care what others think anymore, I don’t have to adjust the colors according to another person’s liking, I can just display the painting for what it really is – Me.

Displaying this colorful painting of mine is the best decision that I’ve ever made. It may not attract the best people or the high-end clients but it brought me closer to the ones who truly appreciated its meaning which is what matters in the end…


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