And it began to fall apart… again…

“I guess the whole world is made up of things coming together and things falling apart,” ― Emily Wing Smith

It had been three long years. She has come a long way since the moments that led to her life being torn apart slowly, thread after thread. It took her so long to get a hold of herself & to understand a tiny bit of who she really was & what she was meant to do. She started to work her way towards it & her main aim in life was to do & be better than who she was yesterday.

She started to express herself rather than hiding her feelings, became more patient & mature, started looking at the big picture rather than focusing on the small issues & began accepting people for who they are. She began to love herself in a way that made her feel beautiful inside & out and because of her positive thoughts, she radiated an inner glow that many couldn’t help but get drawn to.

She picked up the broken pieces of her shattered heart & life and began fixing them. She knew it wouldn’t be perfect but she loved it all the same.

That’s when she met you. It was sudden, like as though a wind blowing south suddenly decided to change directions. This real her readily gave her heart to you. She was still learning to express herself better & was trying the best she could.

But her best was probably not good enough. You stomped on her heart & returned it as though it was of no value, as though she didn’t really matter, as though she was there only to please you, as though she had no expectations, no feelings of her own.

In your attempt to protect yourself from falling in love with her & before you could even begin to understand her, you shattered her dreams & her heart. And it began to fall apart… again.

She is hurting now, those pangs of gut wrenching pain comes & goes but she doesn’t let the pain come in the way of the life that she has worked so hard to build, instead she uses it to glue the pieces of her life back together.

And even though it would take a long time & she may not recognize the person staring back at her from the mirror, this time, some part deep within her knows that she would be okay…

(Title Source: Tumblr)


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