The Dance that lasted forever

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon.” ― Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat

 You took my hands in yours, grabbed me by my waist & spun me round like a record. This was our first dance together but we moved in a rhythm that beat many seasoned dancers. You were wearing a black suit with a blue tie that complemented the blue flowy dress I had on. You flashed me a smile that got me catching my breath for a few moments. It felt like we were dancing under the stars & with them.

All eyes were on us yet we danced as though no one was watching.

The room got warmer as we continued to dance. Tiny perspiration drops were reflecting the lights shining on us that gave an illusion of us glowing like the morning sun.

We had eyes only for each other & with every step away or together, we never broke eye contact. It was as though time had come to a standstill & all we could & wanted to do was dance. You lifted me up & I felt as though I was flying; I stood over you & slid underneath, you moved with a grace that would put many classical dancers to shame.

They played songs whose lyrics we never understood but we felt the magic that its music spread across the room. It added to the spectacle that already was.

It was a dance that was a punishment as it was a gift.

Every move, every step brought tears to my eyes as I could feel the pain that crushed my heart & soul, lessen with each teardrop.

I opened my eyes & saw you lying there lifeless. Your eyes no longer shone & your skin was pale. You were no longer smiling but I could see that hint of a smile that you always had when you were thinking.

You left your mark in this cruel world & my now lifeless life by filling my past with Crazy, Happy & Boring Hours & smiles that left me with a permanent dimple on my cheek.

I closed my eyes to continue dancing the dance that would go on forever…


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