A Teacher’s Tale

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

I taught just one student, one subject, till date and loved every minute of it. I enjoyed imparting the (very) little knowledge I acquired in the few years I have lived till now.

The student I speak of is a beautiful, lively & an exceptionally smart little girl. In this generation where teenagers her age concern themselves with the number of likes they get on Facebook & the number of followers they have on Instagram & Twitter, she bakes, listens to stories of the ones around her & reads books.

Basically she tries to understand the way the world works & takes pride in that.

However, there was one subject that brought her confidence down to a minimum; Math. Due to various bad experiences in the past related to this subject, she was afraid of it; Afraid to study & afraid to give the exam.

I never really taught her much related to the subject but I tried to give her what my favorite professor & mentor gave me, Reasons to be confident in oneself, the Ability to breakdown the most complex of problems to simpler ones & a Sense of security. She knew that I would always be there if she wanted to talk about the silliest of things or have an ice cream, if she had questions on how to solve something or she needed someone to explain a chapter to her.

I did yell at her at times & she was disappointed in herself when she knew that I was disappointed in her. She would strive & work hard to prove to not just to me & her parents but also to herself that she is capable of doing the best she can.

After a year of sheer hard work, determination & some fun, she has proven that being terrible in one subject cannot bring you down & marks don’t always define your capabilities. She has scored a CGPA of 7.8 & is up to being a part of the Student Council in one of the biggest schools in the country.

I am lucky that I was one of her teachers. She is one of those people who have changed me in a way only they could & one of the major ones who have a big influence on making me the person I am today.

A message to my first student 🙂 :-

I know you read this blog at times, so if you do happen to read this post, know that I couldn’t be prouder than what I am feeling right now. You are amazing & I know it in my heart that you are going to be a someone the world wouldn’t forget for a very long time.


4 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Tale

  1. Deval says:

    Proud of you, a beautiful, successful and intelligent teacher . Very nicely described about your 1st student.
    Keep posting , would love to read your blog.


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