The Things she wants to say…

“A woman has to live her life or live to repent not having lived it.” – D.H. Lawrence

She “apologizes” for not being the Daughter, Sister, Friend or Girl-Friend you expected her to be.

Circumstances have made her a kind of a person she never ever even imagined she would become in her childish dreams. She has become the kind of person who can show her love towards you only in ways that are unconventional. She is the exact opposite of the women portrayed in the Indian Television series.

She shows that she loves you when she buys you presents that she thinks represents you in the best possible way or when she saved up just so she could get you that something you’ve wanted for a very long time. She shows she cares when she travels halfway across the world to be with you when you’re not well or when she calls & texts just to make sure you remember to take your medicines on time.

She shows it when she protects you from predators disguised in the form of an enticing offer or that amazing Guru who can solve all problems just by looking at your horoscope.

You can see it in the mini surprises or the parties she hosts for you. You know she loves you when she listens to your stories for hours & gives you a hug when you need it most. She loves you even when she calls you an Idiot.

She may never be the kind of woman who enjoys cooking or the kind who washes dishes but she would do it all at the drop of the hat when the situation arises for as long as needed (or maybe just hire someone to do so). She may not know how to make the perfect round parantha but she can drive you around for hours when you just need to leave the house for a while.

She may not be the person who would leave her job & get married to the “perfect” guy but she would do her best to make sure she gives all that you need & more. She might not speak to you often or for long or she may not share everything that goes on in her life but know that you are always on her mind.

She may never tell you that she loves you everyday but she is willing to fight tooth & nail with anyone who tries to hurt you in anyway.

She’s not the perfect woman you always wanted her to be but she is perfect with her own imperfections.

She wants you to know that even though she may seem to be following a wonderful path, there are times when she chooses a wrong road & needs the light guiding her back to the right one. Even though she is cold & distant or seems to have all the love in the world to give; she needs your love more than you need hers. Sometimes she needs that hug that would tell her that everything will be alright & that you are proud to have a person such as her in your life.

Most of all she wants to stop apologizing for being the kind of person she is & for her “modern” ways especially to the ones that claim to be the ones who love her without conditions.


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