The Trip

“We’re cool,” I say calmly, although I feel something else. I feel… sad. Like I’ve lost something I never quite had.” ― Christine Seifert

We decided to have a trip of sorts. Different people decided to invite their respective friends. She invited you to be a part of this trip where her friends & other strangers would also be joining. It was to be an adventure of a lifetime.

She can’t ever forget her reaction when she met you after all those months. Saying she was ecstatic was an understatement. She saw you, with your camera hung around your neck; those worn out Blue Nike shoes & your favorite red bag on your shoulders, & ran towards you to give you a hug. At that moment, she didn’t care of what anyone would say or think, she only wanted to spend that one precious minute in your arms.

That hug brought back so many memories, like of the first trip you had gone on together & the many others that followed. The different food you tried together, every conversation, everything came rushing back. All those Skype/Google + conversations were nothing compared to that one hug. All she wanted was for that time to repeat itself again.

She then saw your hands holding those of another instead of hers and she immediately let go. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. None of this was ever explicitly mentioned in those conversations you had. She looked at you with that look in her eyes you know she has when she’s confused. You just nodded & smiled which answered all of her questions.

She felt as though someone had just sucked out all the air from her lungs. Her heart broke & the noise was unbearably loud but no one else heard it. She tried to smile & look happy for you but was crushed inside.

She always knew of course, that you two were never meant to be & she had prepared herself if this situation were to happen but now that it was unfolding right before her eyes, the pain she felt was unbearable.

She picked her bags & walked towards the train we were to board. When she saw you attempt to steal a kiss from her, she knew she couldn’t survive the trip. She took her bags & ran as fast as she could & as far away as possible, until her feet gave away.

She then let her tears fall…


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