A Rare Quality…

“It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill.” ― Emilie Autumn

A lot of people who know me know that the one quality I look for in my acquaintances & friends is Honesty beyond anything else. Honest with me about anything & I am the same way with them.

But the one quality I admire, but don’t seek, is Loyalty. It is a very rare phenomenon to see these days. People leave their jobs when they get an offer from a company that is ready to pay them a lot more & many a “friend’s” loyalty seems to lie with the one who is most powerful or has more connections.

These days, connections are made purely based on some or the other intention, or the fact that the person would be useful to them in some way later rather than connecting on an emotional level. People these days are afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of showing their real self to anyone around them.

I personally have been guilty of this & I’m not denying or saying that it is a wrong thing to do but it’s not something one must relentlessly pursue. The connections you make on an emotional level, while there are high chances of getting hurt, the benefits of a connection like this would be long term & the loyalty gained by such a connection is something that could never be broken based on superficial reasons like Power or Money.

Just try & imagine a situation when the whole world is against you. Everything you have is lost & everyone you thought loved you, left. You are all alone & there is no one you can speak to or ask for help. Now in such a situation imagine if there is this one person in the whole world who supports you without expectation of any kind, this person is by your side no matter what.

You don’t understand why this person is doing this but you know they would always be there. What would you give this person in return?

That support, that kind of emotional support is something you need however strong you think you are. And that is possible if you make emotional connections & help others without expectations.

When you are loyal to someone, the loyalty you get in return is one of the most precious gifts one could possess.

Personally, I know if there ever comes a time when I need to run away, there are these set of people who would probably run with me or help & support me without batting an eyelid; the same way they can depend on me.

When you have a best friend or someone you care about, try to selflessly help them. By selfless, I mean help without expecting anything in return, & I guarantee you’ll experience something inexplicable, something wonderful. You also get so much more than you can possibly imagine; things that you would have been otherwise blinded to.

There will be times when someone would take advantage of you or break your trust in some way or you may have to break the connection because you two have grown apart but that shouldn’t stop you from making such connections with another. It shouldn’t let you withdraw from connecting to the rest of mankind. (Plus, as you meet more people & make more connections, with experience you would understand who deserves your loyalty & where your loyalties must lie)

Like I mentioned in the post, Strangers, we are all connected. Eventually you would meet another whose aura complements yours.

In your rush to the top, never forget to make these connections, these people who would be with you when no one else would be around if you happen to get stuck on or when you make your way up/down the staircase of life.

Oh & if you are thinking of someone or of more than 1 person right now & smiling then I would say you are already richer & luckier than so many around you & don’t even know it! 🙂


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