Her Inner Child…

 “The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.” ― Jim Henson

Who is this inner child?
This is the child who lives within the deepest crevices of your soul. This child thinks with no limits, loves with fiery passion & lives in the moment. It is this child that gets those creative juices within you flowing. This child is free & knows no wrong. This child is optimistic & a dreamer. This child cries when it is hurt & laughs the next moment when it finds something that makes it happy. This little “brat” doesn’t dwell on past hurt or think about the future.

Every person, whatever their age or gender, has an inner child inside of them. In some, you can see this child in their bright & fun personalities, in some you can see this child hidden behind a sophisticated or pretentious personality reserved to be seen only by closest to them, & in some, you can see in their unsmiling eyes that they have forgotten that such a child even existed or they feel they are too “mature” to connect with this child.

Then there is she, who loved this child & was the happiest when she was connected with her. This child stayed with her when the whole world had turned it’s back on her. This child may have not understood the ways of the world but she always understood her & is her greatest support. This child relieves her of all the stress & seriousness that the world seems to be imposing on her as a way of living.

Then there came a time when everything changed. She was suddenly separated from everything familiar & she forgot about the inner child in her crying everyday for her love. On the outside it seemed as though she was strong & that she was fighting with a strength coming from Mother Earth herself. But on the inside it was another story all together. She was breaking down slowly. Many different soul crushing experiences made her withdraw from loving her inner child again.

When you looked into her eyes, you couldn’t see that brightness in her eyes that just lit the room when she smiled. You could her real self being eroded by the cruel & selfish around her.

One day, when her limits were long crossed, she started to cry. She cried till she couldn’t cry anymore, till all her tears dried up, till she could feel no more. She felt a peace & numbness within her that replaced the hate & love she felt.

She liked this numbness & it became her closest friend. So close that she ignored everyone around her. It never encouraged her to do anything nor did it give her joy. She could no longer feel & she lived this way till the day she met another within whom she saw his inner child shining through. This child called out to the one inside her.

This is when she looked within herself & found her inner child cowering, abused & neglected for so long. She took this child in her arms & promised that, come what may, she would never let go of her ever again. She slowly started to love again & let go of the numbness. It was quite hard & it took a long time for this numbness stuck to her like superglue.

It hurt letting go as she started to feel the rush of emotions in her heart again. She felt the sadness, happiness, the pain & love she evaded for so long. She felt it all. She soon realized with this love for herself & her inner child, she could face the world with a vigor & strength that felt as though she was blessed by the almighty him/herself. This inner child encouraged her to forgive the wrong done to her & to let go of everything hurtful & of the ones who wished the worst for her.

She started to find the smaller joys in everyday things however bad the day was, even if that day repeated itself for many years to come. She cried when she was upset & smiled when she was happy. Every action she took & every decision she made, made her happier than she had ever been before. The relationships that were broken due to the numbness earlier were now renewed with the love she had within her & they became stronger than ever. She felt confident & beautiful & it shone in her like a star in the sky. She had a super power that no heartbreak, bad experience or cruel words could ever snatch from her.

Every dark room she is in now, lights up with the brightness in her eyes when she smiles…


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