“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” ― Steve Maraboli

Strangers have a way to touch your life in a way one can never imagine.

I’ve had many amazing experiences with my close friends & family but the ones that have made a lasting impact on my heart & soul are the ones I’ve had with strangers.

There was a young man who helped me walk in the flood safely to the train station, another one who gave up his seat because he saw what a terrible condition I was in, the young teenage boy who spoke to the police in their local language & stayed with me till they arrived when I accidentally brushed against a car.

There was a Rickshaw driver who dropped me till the nearest bus stop when he saw I was struggling with a big bag in the heavy rain & didn’t even charge me anything, there was that bus conductor who stalled the bus when he saw me running towards it & a small boy, a few years older to me at that time, who gave up his blanket when I got sick on the plane.

There was a stranger who I became friends with the moment we met & who turned my life around.

These strangers didn’t have to do whatever they did for me, they had no obligations or responsibilities towards me but yet they spent those few moments of their life to help me even though I never asked for it. They restored my faith in humanity.

Strangers also make the best secret keepers. Sometimes you can share a part of yourself or your deepest secrets with them & you’ll never see them again. They will forever carry it around with them. Just as you give up a part of yourself, someone else would give a part of themselves to you that would fill the missing part.

I believe that we are all connected through these broken pieces.

There is an aura around each & everyone. We don’t meet everyone in one lifetime but when you close your eyes, clear your mind & open your soul, you can listen to the beats of billions of hearts& feel the glow of billions of souls inside of you.

Sometimes when one’s aura complements yours, your gut instinct starts to push you towards that stranger & that’s when you meet your best friend or your partner for life.

Everyone we meet, crosses our path for a reason. Even if the meeting is brief, there actually maybe a bigger show playing in the background & we could just be the Antagonist,Deuteragonist, Tritagonist, the Narrator, a Supporting Character, one of the Group Members or the Audience in someone’s life.

When a stranger shares an episode of their life, you can live through their experience in that moment. More often than not, it’s always worth it.

As Rod McKuen has said, “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen”. You may never always end up being friends but strangers have a way of changing your life or getting you to feel something that you couldn’t have ever pictured feeling.

So look around you, keep your heart wide open & speak to different people, read different blogs, initiate a conversation on the train or the bus, make pen pals (or in this digitized world, make a friend online on Twitter or some other medium) & you may run into your Future Best friend, an Experience of a Lifetime or a Lesson for life…


6 thoughts on “Strangers…

  1. MR says:

    yep 100% TRUE. still remember a stranger 2 yrs ago in b”lore who stopped his scooter, asked his pillion rider to get down and wait and took me to my room 20min away when he saw i was all alone in the rain and the ensuing chaos of some bandh… I think he was over 60yrs then and cold and wet. yet he helped…


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