The Best Gift You can Give…

 “Two hugs. Both I can’t get out of my mind. One was so quick I’m not even sure it happened, and the other was… Amazing. Incredible. Confusing. How can someone get so much from a hug?” ― Becca Ann, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend

You came close and just wrapped me in your arms before I could even understand what was on earth was going on! Initially, the thoughts in my head were in the lines of, “What in the effing hell is going on? What am I supposed to do now?”

Then out of nowhere, all of these weird warm & fuzzy feelings started to creep up inside me. It felt like there were butterflies flying in my tummy, like bees buzzing in my ear & it felt warm as toast. I started to feel the way I do when I see a baby’s smile, when I see a father holding his daughter’s hand, when I listen to the songs I love (even all that rock) & when I buy a new pair of shoes.

My mind got numb, the thoughts in my head stopped floating around for that minute, and all the walls I built within me just crumbled to dust & I found myself plotting crazy ways of how to get this moment to last forever. In that minute, I could see myself conquering all my demons, slaying all the monsters in my life & challenging anyone who questions my beliefs. I felt as though I was blessed with a special power & I was not afraid to use it.

I get high when I take in your amazing scent mixed with that cologne you love so much. I start flying like that man in the Red Bull Ad. I feel like that beautiful actress in a Bollywood movie & unbelievably even start to hear a song playing in the background. I can actually see myself in a sari that’s flying in the wind on a mountain! (Click here to understand this better)

There was no room for anxiety, anger, jealousy or sadness. All of these were replaced by a feeling of pure bliss & euphoria. When you hug me, you tell me stories without saying a word.

I felt like I wanted to Smile my biggest smile & cry like a baby at the same time. Who the hell knew I could feel so much when you hug me?

Someone has rightly put it when they say, “However long a hug lasts, it doesn’t last long enough.”

Your hug means more to me than all the diamonds, sapphires or pearls in the world.

This is the only gift I would ever need. And the next time you give it to me, promise that you would never let me go.


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